Finnlog Group OÜ was established in 2003 in Estonia.

Today, the company has grown into a group of companies that operate in Estonia as well as in a number of foreign markets. As a share of the company’s turnover export has grown steadily over the years, today accounting for almost 65%. The main export partners are Germany, Latvia, Russia, Finland and Norway. The role of Finnlog Group OÜ is to coordinate, manage and bring together the subsidiaries.

Our main values form the basis for our continued development:

  • Environmentally friendly and natural living environment.
    Our houses are environmentally friendly and are made of natural materials
  • Supporting all types of creativity and continued development.
    The company would like to look to the future and continuously develop and renew the architecture of laminated timber houses
  • Honesty and openness.
    We consider honest and open relations among personnel important, especially when communicating with clients and partners

Healthy and sustainable living is becoming more and more popular. Finnlog is creating natural and high-quality homes with the best interior air quality you can ask for. Using ecological materials makes the air clean and easy to breathe which is especially important to people with allergies.


Here are the reasons why a log house from Finnlog is the best:

  • Latest technology
    We use the latest production technology, which allows you to produce the wooden parts of a log house very quickly. This reduces costs and is more cost effective. The experience gained from different countries enables us to use the newest and most effective working solutions.
  • Safe choice and best quality
    The timber components of Finnlog log houses are thoroughly inspected and they has been issued with the CE marking. Production process and finished materials quality supervision is carried out by an independent Finnish State Monitoring Center VTT.
  • Long international business experience
    We have been operating in Estonia and export markets such as Germany, India, Norway, Latvia, Russia etc since 2003. The greatest value of our collective is long experience, which helps us successfully solve upcoming obstacles.
  • Experienced builders
    In our collective we have builders with a long-term experience and knowledge about log houses. They build log houses daily.
  • Warranty
    Thanks to our long experience, skilled builders and high quality material we can offer 10-year factory warranty for wooden structures.


Log house is a definite choise and a dream home for many people but here are some positive qualities if you need convincing:

  • Eco-friendly
    Wood is sustainable and natural building material and it’s production consumes very little energy compared to other materials. Moreover, it is renewable natural material which makes wooden house very environmentally friendly solution.
  • Healthy environment
    Wood is a good heat insulator and moisture regulator, because of that the air in log houses is clean and easy to breathe, which makes log house an excellent option for people with allergies.
  • Longlasting
    Log house lasts for generations and it has been our main building unit for thousands of years.
  • Extremely trendy
    Sustainable and eco-friendly living is one of the current megatrends.
  • Remarkably beautiful
    A log house can be traditional, contemporary or ultra-modern but one thing is for sure – it will look absolutely amazing and unique despite the chosen style.
  • Logs from Finland
    Logs that are used in Finnlog houses originate from Finnish forests. Laminated logs are made from carefully selected heartwood of pine and spruce. Finnlog log houses are energy-efficient and warm because of the breathable feature of wood.

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