Laminated log houses are log houses 2.0

Laminated log houses are log houses 2.0

People have built log houses for hundreds of years. The experience and skills have been preserved and passed down from generation to generation. Over time, builders have picked out the best practices and traditions of log building to construct houses with modern living conditions that meet today’s standards.

With the exception of handcrafted traditional log houses that are built in the traditional way, the main development in log building has taken place due to new technologies.

Modern production technology enables to prepare logs to very precise dimensions, ensure the uniform quality of materials, and produce prefabricated materials and products for quick and easy installation on the building site.

Glue-laminated timber by Finnlog is a great example of the latest developments in log building – the use of unique technology ensures low moisture content of the wooden laminates that are glued together. This results in glue-laminated timber, a material that has less deformation, cracking, and sinking when compared to solid timber.

At the same time, houses built of glue-laminated timber have all the advantages of a log house – the house has natural humidity regulation, glue-laminated timber accumulates heat, and clean and natural materials ensure the best living environment.

The production of glue-laminated timber is thoroughly controlled throughout the production process. Fully automated production lines and equipment ensure highly accurate cuts and precise dimensions of the timber.

In summary, the high-level production of timber ensures great insulation, as the logs used for outer walls, corner joints, and other details have a more precise fit.

All this helps to improve the thermal insulation of the house. The thermal insulation of a house should always be assessed as a whole and not exclusively on the basis of its external walls. For log houses, thermal insulation of external walls is compensated with a better insulation of floors and roof structures.

A house made of glue-laminated timber is flexible to the designer’s ideas and vision. Laminated log houses can be designed with diverse architecture and can be built in a modern urban environment, where large glass surfaces are in fashion, or in a forest, where achieving unity with the nature is desired.

A laminated log house is the modern log house – log house 2.0.

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