The log house of today has become more modern

The log house of today has become more modern

07.09.2018 The traditions of log house construction have resisted change for centuries and log houses have kept their unique look largely unchanged. A classic log house with its stature and its closeness to nature is a good choice and fits perfectly to a natural environment.

At the same time, one cannot ignore the fact that people are increasingly converging into peri-urban or urban areas and log house manufacturers must inevitably adapt to this trend.

Today’s urbanised living environment requires log house producers to adapt to these new trends and the environment and make changes. These changes have already taken place, but the main value of the log house has been preserved – the natural environment, which has been given a new form.

Finnlog offers a range of modern log houses that suit in the urban environment while retaining the distinctive character and stature of a wooden house.

The key point of the modern approach is minimalist architecture with its clear and clean lines that is dominated by a simple yet effective modern form. Larger windowed areas, vertical façade cladding covering the longer sides of the house, the absence of eaves, and a metal roof make a house elegantly slender and unique.

A modern house expresses effortless simplicity with its minimalist form, in which large glass surfaces do not look out of place and are incorporated into the façade to form unity. The optimal size of the houses and their room plan with ample storage rooms and closets are designed for practicality and comfort.

A modern house keeps its tastefully clear and strict line in shaping the contour of the building, refreshing the architectural space in both the urban environment and the countryside.

Innovative, elegant, unique – these words can be used when characterising the modern log houses designed by Finnlog. It is a new era of log houses. The modern approach to a home is now available for all inhabitants of log houses.

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