Finnlog Worldwide

For the past 15 years, Finnlog OÜ has built hundreds of log houses in 14 different countries under the Finnlog trademark. During this time, we have seen both ups and downs. We started by building a tiny sauna and today we are the leader in the construction of laminated log houses in Estonia.

However, this has not been our primary goal. Perhaps our slogan «We create homes where every moment has a value» best expresses our objective. In addition, we consider it very important to promote a modern log house architecture to distinguish from competitors.

We build residential as well as public buildings such as kindergartens, schools, hotels. Our main markets are Estonia, Germany, Finland, Norway, Latvia, Russia and India. We are always looking for new business partners to join us.

We have been introducing Finnlog and log houses architecture in many different fairs and the positive feedback from these events have motivated us to continuously expand our business. This is also a great way to help our new business partners starting their journey with Finnlog. Here are some pictures of our fair booths:

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