Aibell 99 m²

specification >
specification >
Total area 126,9 m²  
Living area 99,0 m²  
Terraces, balconies   27,9  m²
Floor plan:
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Project description

Aibell is so-called relative of Belenus - though these modern houses are similar in design, Aibell has more separate kitchen and living room. There is also a small and cozy terrace.

There are three bedrooms, a bathroom with a small sauna, a technical room, a laundry and separate living room and kitchen. The spacious windows of the building open onto the terrace. Technical rooms are situated towards the street area. This floorplan gives more privacy.

The longitudinal walls of the building are covered with a vertical lining board, which gives a new form to the classical log house. Sheetmetal with a classic profile is recommended for the roofing.

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