Our story

Finnlog Group OÜ was founded in Estonia in 2003. Today, this company has grown into a group of companies operating in Estonia as well as in different foreign markets. The importance of export in the sales revenue of the company is increasing, amounting to almost 65%. The main export partners are Finland and Germany. The role of Finnlog Group OÜ consists of coordinating and managing the activity of its subsidiaries, and bringing the subsidiaries together into one whole.

Finnlog OÜ is mainly focused on developing architectural solutions for glued laminated timber houses and on the sale of those houses in Estonia and in foreign markets. We prioritise promoting novel wooden architecture and thereby standing out from among our competition.

Finnlog Ehitus OÜ is involved with construction work, as well as with developing its field. It is very important to install the high-quality and valuable material skilfully. Our construction specialists have many years of experience and the majority of them have been employed at our company since it was founded. Training programmes, cooperation with several top specialists of the field (for example to improve energy efficiency), and the independent construction supervision which we have involved to monitor our work create the prerequisites for providing high-quality construction services.

Finnlog CLT- ja Hirsitalot is a subsidiary registered in Finland, which offers construction services in the market of our northern neighbours. The experience of building timber houses gained in Finland equips us with a good opportunity to also use novel and efficient construction techniques in other markets.

Finnlog Deutschland GmbH is our subsidiary registered in Germany, which designs, sells, and builds log houses and CLT houses in the German market.

Our core values form the basis for the constant development of our company:

  •  Sustainability and a natural living environment
    Our houses are environmentally friendly and are made of a clean, natural material
  • Supporting all-around creativity and constant development
    Our company wishes to look far to the future and constantly develop and modernise the architecture of glued laminated timber houses.
  • Integrity and openness
    We value honest and open communication among our employees, in client relationships, as well as in relationships with our partners

The logo of Finnlog symbolises the long-standing traditions of Nordic countries of building log houses, as well as a home which offers security and protection and brings together modern architecture and timber construction.