The houses of Finnlog allow you to hold in high regard your health, the nature, and traditions

A healthy and perfect living environment

The majority of people pay increasing attention to their lifestyles. Trends indicate that people are becoming more informed in preferring healthier products. This probably largely comes from personal experience: people realise that they can improve the quality of their lives by making the right choices.
Modern log walls bring together the traditions of our ancestors and the opportunity to restore a natural living environment. We sense a pleasant warmth when we touch a log wall. Those walls preserve and in a way reawaken the opportunity to spend time in nature all day long. The stable humidity regime and the capability of logs to store heat make us feel cosy, improving our physical as well as mental health. Natural wood minimises the risk of any allergies.
Natural patterns create a perfect living environment for your family.

A house that protects the environment

Only the heat retention of a house is usually highlighted to people. This is certainly very important. On the other hand, we must also think about reducing our ecological footprint. Log and CLT houses are indisputable leaders in this respect.
By building a house from a material which has grown in a forest, we use a naturally renewable resource. We give our offspring the opportunity to also collect useful resources from the same place in the next one hundred years.
No useless residues are generated in the course of producing the logs for the houses of Finnlog. All leftover wood is used as fuel: we do not need fossil fuels.
One day in the distant future, when the log house reaches the end of its life cycle, it will be very easy to bring the wood back into the natural life cycle: the utilisation of logs is also a natural process.
Living in a log house allows you to use the nature as much as necessary and as little as possible.

Connection with the past is empowering

People carry their traditions from one generation to the next. Building a log house is certainly one of the best examples of passing on our traditions.
The traditions are very tightly connected to our roots. The human soul desires to feel a connection with the experiences of our ancestors and with the past – this gives us security and the strength to move on.
A house which has been built based on the knowledge and values passed on from one generation to the next can provide unwavering support to its residents.