CLT house

A CLT house is a natural and energy-efficient solid wood building

Villa Lippa Kisakallio on CLT-elementmaja Soomes, mis on ehitatud puhkekoduks.

A CLT (cross-laminated timber) house of Finnlog brings together the best characteristics of of log houses and a timber frame houses. The good indoor climate and naturalness of a log house and the energy-efficiency and architectural possibilities of a timber frame house provide a unique, natural, and energy-efficient solid wood house.


CLT or cross-laminated timber is a solid wood panel which consists of at least three glued laminated elements placed perpendicularly with respect to one another. CLT is an extremely durable, heavy-duty natural building material which is easy to combine with other building materials.


Finnlog’s CLT houses are unique and created based on the wishes and needs of the client. You can choose between several different external finishing materials: wooden boards, plaster, and other finishing materials. This ensures architectural freedom and allows to fit a CLT house ideally into a rural or urban environment.


Wood is a renewable natural resource and a sustainable building material. The production of wood also consumes a lot less energy compared to other building materials. Insulation wool made of natural wood fibres is also used in the CLT houses of Finnlog.

The following aspects are significant from the ecological perspective:
● Lower energy consumption compared to other materials
● Low time cost enables to save even more
● Additional advantages arising from reuse
● Possibilities to use production residues
Maestro Tõnu Kaljuste has said that, in his opinion, CLT is the best and most natural construction material today, which provides the compactness of a concrete building and the soul of a wooden house.


Wood is a good thermal insulator and humidity adjuster by nature, which makes the air in a solid wood house clean and easily breathable. Indoor relative humidity is a significant factor that helps to ensure comfort. Wood is a natural construction material which does not release hazardous substances into the air.


Energy efficiency is ensured by an airtight and insulating external cladding. CLT wall panels consist of cross-laminated timber, wood fibre wool, wind-proof fabric, and external cladding.