Climate heroes of Finnlog

We always try to be environmentally friendly and sustainable in Finnlog. We consider a healthy living...


Be a part of Finnlog’s success story!

We have  been operating for over 15 years in Estonia as well as in foreign markets. The strategic...


The Cutting Edge: Estonia's Leading Timber Construction Enterprises

Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster together with the Estonian Woodhouse Association issued a book introducing...


The best insulation material for a log house

We insulate the roof, ceiling and exterior walls of a laminated timber house with celluwool by the spreading...


Laminated log houses are log houses 2.0

People have built log houses for hundreds of years. The experience and skills have been preserved an...


Large glass surfaces in a log house

When you say ‘log house’, many people probably think of the old farm houses exhibited in the Estonia...


The log house of today has become more modern

The traditions of log house construction have resisted change for centuries and log houses have kept...


Thermal physics and indoor climate of a building

In order to understand the thermal resistance of buildings and designing of building envelopes, one ...


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Clients about us

"Finnlog was very understanding and our house was everything we were looking for" Erika an...


Why choose a Finnlog log house?

This is why you should choose a log house from Finnlog.


What makes a log house special?

Check out all the reasons why log houses are special.

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