Ajari 163 m²

specification >
specification >
Total area 206,4 m²
Living area 163,4 m²
Terraces, balconies 43,0 m²
Car shelter - m²
Ground floor 163,4 m²
Floor plan:
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Project description

Ajari is a modern one-storey log house with eye-catching windows, proving that today's log house doesn't have to look like an old fasionedcountry house. Ajari is perfect for urban environment.

The floorplan of the house is extremely rational, consisting of three areas. In the middle there is a living room with an open kitchen and an entrance to storage room, a toilet and a technical room. There is also a area with three bedrooms with a spacious bathroom. Third area is for a sauna complex.If necessary, the car shed can be added as well.

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