Building materjal


Finnlog has defined its goals clearly, offering residential buildings and summer cottages made of non-sinking glued laminated solid wood logs.

The pines and spruces growing in Central Finland are the best raw material of for log walls. The uniform growing conditions of the forests there form the basis for stable and long-lasting material.

The load-bearing structure of the external walls is made of pine and spruce logs with a moisture content of 13%. The wall logs are glued together of two or more wood lamellas so that the heartwood is always facing the surface of the log. The composition of the glue is inspected by the National Supervisory Authority of Finland; it does not cause allergies or other negative health effects.

Important characteristics of non-sinking glued laminated timber:

  • non-sinking,
  • less deformations,
  • solid wood logs are more fire-resistant,
  • efficient heat accumulation,
  • minimum cracking,
  • natural adjustment of the humidity level is preserved in the house,
  • a clean and natural product.

The client can choose between logs of different thicknesses. 134×260, 202×260, 240×260, and 270×260 log walls are primarily suitable for building residential buildings and do not require further thermal insulation. 134×180 walls are used for building summer cottages and saunas.