The electricity systems are also modern in contemporary log houses. A well-considered electrical design and the professional installation of the system make the building convenient to use and preserve and highlight the identity of the house.

Safe concealed cabling preserves the appearance of the house

In a modern log house, cables are not installed on the surface of the walls. The entire cabling is concealed in the structures of the walls, ceilings, and floors. The power cables for the sockets are located under the floors and only breach the walls via channels in the walls in the places indicated in the electrical design. Underfloor cables are installed in plastic pipes to prevent potential damage.
Some shrinking of the logs should be taken into consideration in the installation of the cable – otherwise, the overly stretched cables may end up breaking. We install switches and the majority of sockets in non-sinking partition walls. In the case of lights, we try to use as little recessed halogen lamps as possible, as the operating temperature of those lamps is high. If the client still wishes to have recessed halogen lamps, however, we install heat-resistant casings on those lights.