Windows and doors

Windows and doors of a log house

The windows and doors of the house play a significant role in the external appearance of a home. The architectural peculiarities of the surrounding buildings and the user convenience and durability should be kept in mind when choosing the windows. Finnlog advises to prefer natural and sustainable materials when choosing windows and doors.

Both window types have their advantages

Windows are classified based on their opening direction and the materials used.

  • German type windows are convenient to use and maintain, as the windows open inward. Those windows have handles with a special locking system which enable both turn and tilt opening of the windows. It is also possible to equip German type windows with easily removable mosquito nets and there is also a micro-ventilation option.
  • The outward-opening Danish type windows ensure the best wind and water resistance, which is very important in seaside regions. These windows can be opened without moving curtains and it is also possible to keep things on the windowsill.

Wooden frames are usually the best

The structures of the windows and doors of Finnlog mainly consist of wood, but wood/aluminium windows are also occasionally asked for. In most cases, the wood selection includes pine, oak, and shorea.
Wood is a traditional material for windows and doors – this pleasant solution is the most suitable combination with a log house. The advantage of a wood/aluminium window is its durability: the external surface of this window hardly requires any finishing at all.

The right insulated glazing solution ensures heat retention

Finnlog advises to use glazed units with at least two layers of soft thermo-regulating glass (4 mm thermo-regulating glass, 4 mm clear glass, 18 mm divider, thermal conductivity coefficient U = 1.39 W/m2). The space between the two layers of glass is filled with argon, which takes the thermal conductivity coefficient of the entire glazed unit to 1.1 W/m2.

An unlimited selection of shades

Our main cooperation partner, Lasita Aken AS, uses the ecologically clean water-soluble paints and glazes of the leading European paint manufacturer Remmers for finishing their windows and doors. The entire RAL colour chart is available for choosing the tint of your windows.