Log walls

Non-sinking logs

Non-sinking logs provide a solution which does not require the designer and builder to leave any sinking allowance.
Non-sinking logs are a novel log technology in the case of which the layers of a timber material are dried and glued in a special way. This solution enables to connect the logs especially accurately and tightly. This guarantees the better stability of a non-sinking log wall, helps to prevent potential air leaks, and thereby also ensures lower energy costs for the building.

Logs come in various different sizes

The client can choose between logs of different thicknesses. 134×260 mm, 202×260 mm, 240×260 mm, and 270×260 mm wall logs are primarily suitable for residential houses and the walls made of these walls do not require additional thermal insulation. 134×180 mm wall logs are used for building summer cottages and saunas.